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Syncing with QuickBooks Connect

These instructions will help you configure your software to sync certain types of database information with QuickBooks Desktop Edition. Intuit does not support the use of QuickBooks Online Editions with third-party software. Your software is fully compatible with QuickBooks and your information can be synced automatically with your QuickBooks company file. You must first have the QuickBooks Connect Add-on, which can be purchased from DaySmart Software at (800) 423-8100.

Items that can be synced with QuickBooks include:
  • Clients
  • Tickets
  • Employees
  • Products
  • Services
  • Suppliers
  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • General Ledger
Syncing with QuickBooks Desktop Edition
To get started with syncing your information for the first time:
  1. Select Get Organized with QuickBooks Connect from the Accounting pull-down menu.
  2. When the QuickBooks Setup Wizard window appears, click Next.
  3. Choose I am using a QuickBooks Desktop Edition, and click Next.
  4. In order to sync your software with QuickBooks, you will need to install the QuickBooks Foundation support file. To do this, click the Install QuickBooks Foundation button. Once the installation wizard has finished installing the QuickBooks Foundation, click Next.
  5. In most cases, selecting the Use default company file option should be fine. However, if you have a specific company file that you would like to use that is not your default company file, you may select Use specific company file, and click the Select button to locate the desired company file.
  6. Once you have selected the correct company file, click Next.
  7. If QuickBooks is not already open, open QuickBooks now. QuickBooks must be running alongside your software in order for the programs to communicate.
  8. Click Next.
  9. QuickBooks may prompt you to accept a connection from your software. Allow this connection. It is also recommended that you select the option Allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.
  10. Once the programs connect, a message will display stating that a connection has been successfully established with QuickBooks. Click Next.
  11. On the Account Mapping screen, you will see the items that can be synced to QuickBooks. Click the item in the QB Account column to select the account with which you would like to map for each item. You do not have to alter anything here, but you may do so with the advice of your CPA. Once you click Next, your software will create the accounts listed under the Chart of Accounts section of QuickBooks.
QuickBooks Settings Screen
QuickBooks Connection Info: This section displays information relating to the status of the connection between your software and QuickBooks.
  • Connecting To: this will display the QuickBooks connection type.
  • Connection Status: Displays the software's connection status. This will give a brief description of any errors connecting to Quickbooks.
  • Change Connection: If you would like to sync your information to a different company file, this will launch the QuickBooks connection setup wizard and guide you through the process of connecting to QuickBooks.
  • Disconnect: This will remove any connection to any QuickBooks Company file account. Once you disconnect, you will no longer be able to sync your information with QuickBooks until you run the QuickBooks Setup Wizard to establish a new connection.
Account Mapping: Account Mapping is needed to make sure your software is correctly syncing your information with QuickBooks. When you click on the Account Mapping button, you will be brought to the Account Mapping screen. Here you can designate which item types in your software will be synced to QuickBooks, as well as the QuickBooks Account will be associated with the item. For example, If you make a Gift Card sale, a sales receipt is created, adding to your "Gift Card Liability" account. You can change the QuickBooks Account that items map to using the pull-down menu in the QB Account column.

Manual Sync: Click the Manual Sync button here to begin syncing your information with QuickBooks. All information will be sent to the accounts that were configured in the previous Account Mapping section.

AutoSync: AutoSync can automatically keep your information between the software and QuickBooks current and up-to-date. You can select how often a new sync is completed. Many users choose to do the sync after business hours, but syncing during the day will not interfere with day to day activity since it's performed in the background.

QuickBooks Connect Questions & Answers
  1. Do I have to use QuickBooks with my software?
    • No, you do not need QuickBooks to use your software. It is capable of fully tracking all payroll, expenses, profit and loss, and supplier payments. It will print out all information for W2 and 1099 forms that you can give to your accountant. Your software is an all-in-one business management program, but some accountants like to have all end of year financial information in the QuickBooks format.
  2. Can I run payroll in my software and sync the results with QuickBooks?
    • No, but your software can export all payroll information to a .txt file for use with programs like Excel. QuickBooks does not have an option to import payroll data from another program. The payroll system in your software is very complete, simple to use, and contains all the major features in the QuickBooks payroll system, including the following items:
      • Check printing
      • Support for salary, hourly, commission, and product/service bonus pay
      • Information for W2 and 1099 reporting
      • Year-to-date totals
      • SEP, Medicare, and 401k deduction
      • Ability to create custom deductions

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